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I started cloth diapering when my son was born in early 2012.  When I set out to learn about cloth diapers I became really frustrated that I couldn't find any live resources in Los Angeles.  Luckily I enjoy research.  I dove head first into learning everything I could about cloth diapering.  I thoroughly enjoy everything about cloth diapering and want to share that with other families that are interested.  My goal is to teach others what I've learned from my research as well as first hand.

Please email me if you're interested in having a one-on-one workshop or would like to get a group together to learn about cloth diapering.  I have plenty of samples to look at and try.  If you would like to visit our showroom (Los Angeles) or pick up an order in person feel free to call/email me to set up a time and day.  If you have questions and don't know who else to ask, email me and hopefully I can help or at least point you in the right direction.